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High School Reunion Ideas

For those planning or beginning to plan a high school reunion, remember the fundamental goal: make it fun and memorable! Reconnecting with old classmates, laughing about old times and hearing how their lives have changed since school days are the main focus of such events. Reunions never get tiring, even 50 years later. Especially since more 50 year reunions are occurring every year as we live longer and healthier lives.

It really doesn't matter how many years have passed, getting together with former classmates and reliving old times with those whom you shared a pivotal time in your life is an important life passage all by itself. If you are planning your reunion and looking for some ideas to help, here are some quick tips to get you started.


Featured Location

Class Reunion Locations

Class Reunion Location Hotel Tuscon
The most important aspect of planning a class reunion is where to have it. The venue should meet your main criteria such as a reasonably priced and convenient location for most attendees, hotels rooms either at the location or nearby, appropriate space for your estimated turnout, but also a place that people would enjoy. Here are some suggestions when considering the perfect location for your reunion:

▪ Your School -- It certainly would be a nostalgic experience to go back your old high school with all of your old classm

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