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St. Patrick’s Day Family Reunion Tips


Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a Family Reunion

You don’t have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and it’s as good a theme as any to host a family reunion. The luck of the Irish may just eminate from having large families. So, in celebration of this upcoming holiday, we offer some tips for an Irish-themed reunion. May the luck of the Irish be ever so charming, no matter your heritage.

1. Begin with a budget. Include all potential costs, and then add a 10% contingency. Estimate your attendance and divide the costs by that number to determine a per person ticket price.
2. Make a list of tasks. Ask responsible relatives to help.


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Class Reunion Locations

Class Reunion Location Hotel Tuscon
The most important aspect of planning a class reunion is where to have it. The venue should meet your main criteria such as a reasonably priced and convenient location for most attendees, hotels rooms either at the location or nearby, appropriate space for your estimated turnout, but also a place that people would enjoy. Here are some suggestions when considering the perfect location for your reunion:

▪ Your School -- It certainly would be a nostalgic experience to go back your old high school with all of your old classm

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