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Latest News

Fun Family Holiday Games

When families come together for the holidays it is a great opportunity to plan a few games that can include any age and physical capability.
Outdoor or Covered Area Games
1. Ping Pong is fun at any age. It is spirited competition with two players or doubles.
2. Family Sports. Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Kick ball or even Croquet in the backyard depending on the weather and capacity of the back yard after the gifts have been opened.
3. Santa Tag. One person is “Santa” who doesn’t want to be caught! Attach several snow flakes to their back and other guests try to tag “Santa” (and get a feather) in 2 minutes or less per chase. The trick is no one can use their hands to tag “Santa”. The one with the most snow flakes wins.
4. Jump Rope. Everyone who wants to participate can play. (And work off some calories at the same time.) The one with the most legal jumps, i.e. no misses, wins a prize.
5. Talent Show. Willing participants get to display or perform their talents.

Featured Location

Plan a Family Reunion in Stylish and Affordable Locations

Plan a Family Reunion in Stylish and Affordable LocationsLocation, location, location! In planning a family or other small group reunion, a key consideration is to find a great venue with either on-site or nearby reasonable overnight room costs. Planning a family reunion with the potential for maximum appeal means finding an interesting and fun venue that will fit the budgets of your group.

Goal #1 – Find a median price range that will accommodate attendance for most members of the group

Goal #2 – Find available overnight lodging at

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